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clarity and authenticity

Distinguish your brand from the sea of voices out there.

About me

As a writing teacher and coach for 15 years, I had a passion for helping writers develop their voices. Many times I assisted friends with their website copy and immediately discovered the importance of a brand's voice. I also realized how much fun it is to learn how people share their talents to serve others. It became a passion of mine to assist people in conveying the voice of their brand with personality, clarity and authenticity. 

I've written for many types of business owners, such as tax accountants, educators, restaurateurs and spiritual mediums--some well-established while others came to me with just the seed of an idea. My specialty is helping clients talk through and discover what they are most excited about bringing forward and assisting them to transform an intention into a business with a clear mission.

Initial 20-minute Consult

Get in touch! I'd love to hear about your business and mission.

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